Stars Get Starstruck at Austin MotoGP hosted a small group of influencers and media in Austin, Texas, at the MotoGP and MotoAmerica event, the country’s premier road racing weekend. Staff worked with MotoGP series promoter Dorna Sports to secure passes and amazing access to the paddock and the track-side service road so guests could witness superstar racers whiz by up close.

Guests at the Circuit of The Americas also had a wonderful opportunity to visit with and learn more about factory teams­ in both the world championship and national racing series.

“We appreciate Dorna, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha providing so much access and hospitality to our guests,” said Andria Yu, MIC communications director. “Our guests were giddy with excitement for the chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at motorcycle racing in MotoGP and MotoAmerica.”

“KTM gave us a fun, informative paddock tour, and even passed around lightweight pieces of a race bike, while Suzuki set up many interviews for our freelance writer, and lent an ADV bike for an influencer to ride around Austin. Yamaha gave everyone a chance to get their photos taken with Valentino Rossi’s bike in the pit box, but even more special was the MotoAmerica transporter tour led by four-time AMA Superbike champion Josh Hayes,” Yu said. “While we’ve already seen some great social media posts shared by our guests, with their huge mainstream audiences, we are expecting to see more. We also anticipate a few great mainstream stories to come from this weekend.” was also able to use the event to build relationships with other mainstream media, including a local journalist who frequently writes about parenting and transportation, and a journalist working with CNN.

“We’re already talking about a DirtBike School day with the CNN journalist and his daughter, and possibly planning a media day for CNN,” Yu said. “And with the Austin-based writer, we are getting her set up with classes so she could get her motorcycle license. We love having more moms who ride.”

And of course, the weekend was capped by unforgettable racing in Moto2, Moto3, MotoGP and MotoAmerica.

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