Partners with a Rock ’n’ Roll Kid

Maddox Kennerson is a cool 12-year-old from Orange County, California, who can absolutely shred on electric guitar, and he has a following of more than 20,000 fans on Instagram. Better still, “RockstarMadman” loves motorcycles and he’s happy to share his two-wheel passion with a growing audience.

“We spotted Maddox on Instagram last year and set up a meeting with him and his parents,” said Juliane Eger, communications specialist with, the industry’s media outreach program. “We hit it off with the Kennersons and have looked for ways to help Maddox with his riding ever since. And, in turn, Maddox is really helping show the world that motorcycle riding is a great family adventure, and helping us to inspire the next generation of riders.”

Staff first set up an MSF DirtBike School for Maddox and his father at the Honda Rider Education Center in Colton, California. Not only did Maddox post several images and a video from his training session, he also got on his guitar and played some classic rock riffs for the coaches and crew there.

Then set up a tour inside the U.S. headquarters of Kawasaki, which was special since Maddox usually rides a little green KLX110. Kawasaki staff showed Maddox and his mom the motorcycle museum, the fleet center with all the bikes for media use and testing, the motocross race shop and more. Weeks later, the team set up tickets and a walk-around of the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California, where again Maddox created a number of cool Instagram posts.

Appropriately, RockstarMadman’s merch includes a hat with both a guitar and a motorcycle, symbolizing rock and…roll. Get it? is now looking forward to working with Maddox and his family on a song contest in which the winner and guests can take DirtBike School with the junior rocker.

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